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Max. No. Of Participants: 2

Registration fee: Rs.150 (For single entry) Rs.200 (team of two)

No. of rounds:3


Algoholics, as the name suggests, is an algorithm-based event which tests your logical thinking rather than testing your coding abilities. The motto of the event is Think efficient, build efficient. The following are the rounds in the event: .

Round 1- Logical questions +Answering from pseudo code (40 mins)

  • PART A:Questions to test your logics, basic aptitude and computer knowledge will be asked.
  • PART B:The participant will be provided with a pseudo code on which an input will be given and output is to be answered.

Round 2-Worst Coder (30 mins)

  • This round will consist of a twist. The participants are now supposed to print simple output such as 'Hello World!' using a program consisting of a lengthy logic. (Unnecessary extension is not permitted for eg: avoid using next lines and recursion.)

Round 3- Algorithm development (60 mins)

  • A problem statement will be given for which an algorithm has to be built.
  • The algorithm will be evaluated on the basis of its correctness, efficiency and time for solving (quickness).
  • Evaluation will be done by judges from the industries.