Max. No. Of Participants: 2

Registration fee: Rs.150 (For single entry) Rs.200 (team of two)

No. of rounds:3

ROUND I: Jigsaw Puzzle:

For all the inquisitives who love solving puzzles. The twist here is that the code will be puzzled and the participant has to put all the snippets in the right place. Event format: It will consist of three levels- simple, medium, hard. The participant starts from simple level. On every correct answer, the participant gets a problem statement from the next level and on every wrong answer, the level will be reduced with an added penalty. Every level has a fixed number of points for each puzzle E.g.

  • Level 1 (simple) - if puzzle is solved go to level 2
  • Level 2 (medium) - if puzzle is solved go to level 3 if puzzle is unsolved go to level 1 with added penalty
  • Level 3 (hard) - if wrong go to level 2 with added penalty

ROUND II: Qwerty Code:

  • This round consists of four stages with different twist. In each stage points will be reduced for breaking the rules. At the end of round, points will be awarded on the basis of least number of errors. Bonus points for correct code.
  • ROUND III: Blind Coding
    • Level 1: You will be given the problem statement and 5 minutes to think about it. After that you will have 15 minutes to type the code. In these 15 minutes, you are allowed to turn on the monitor once under supervision. No rough work will be allowed.
    • Level 2: The problem statement will be a bit complex. You will be given 5 minutes along with a chit for rough work. After that, the chits will have to be returned and you will have to type the code with a dysfunctional keyboard (10 mins).
    • Level 3: You can write on the chits for 5 minutes (you are allowed to keep the chits). 10 mins to code with functional keyboard but no monitor and the final 5 mins of free time for error correction.
  • RULES :
    • Texephyr will contact you once you clear round 2.
    • You will be cross questioned and judged by a market expertise, faculty and a panel.
    • Winners will be selected from this round.
    • The winners will be decided on the basis of implementation, plans, future scope of ideas, your answers to the expertise.


    • Participants should only be from recognized educational institutes/universities.
    • Participants have to bring their College ID cards and the receipt of registration during reporting.
    • Time slots will be given and participants are expected to follow it strictly.
    • Participants are expected to give their correct contact details, so as to inform them about the results.
    • Details of the round will be disclosed at the time of event.
    • Rules may be changed without prior intimation.