Max. No. Of Participants: 1

Registration Fees: Rs 500/- per team (and 200/- extra for each member)

No. of Rounds: As per number of pilots


Pilots from all over the nation will be arriving with custom built racing drones to fly as fast as they can in order to take the prizes home.


  • Elimination Round: Each pilot will be given multiple rounds (to be decided as per number of pilots) on the track in order to achieve best timing. The pilots to complete the laps as fast as possible will be selected for the final round and the rest will be eliminated.
  • Final Round: The qualifying pilots have to compete amongst themselves and the ones with the fastest flying drones will be declared as winners.


  • All aircraft(including backups) must be presented at a predetermined time forscrutineering byrace officials. Aircraft must comply with all safety, regulatory and race regulations before being allowed to fly.
  • All frames must be of solid construction and all components must be securely attached (Suitability for racing will be done during scrutineering).
  • All aircraft must have a 3-pin servo connector wired to a 5V source to facilitate powering of a race timing transponder. The Transponder will be provided before races to facilitate race timing if required.
  • No steel or full carbon fibre propellers allowed, composite or ABS plastic props only.
  • Radio/Flight controller Failsafe must be set and demonstrated to race officials during scrutineering. When triggered the failsafe MUST be set to stop the propellers from spinning.
  • Decisions made by the Race Official are final.

    Any student with valid ID card of their educational institute can participate.