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Max. No. Of Participants: 3

Registration Fees : Rs 100/- for a team of 2 (50 for each extra member).

Registration Fees : 3


Any specified topic. For example SMART CITY.


  • Round 1 (Abstract proposal):
    • The primary round consists of sending your abstracts to the mail to team Texephyr.
    • Abstract should be of 5-6 pages.
    • The subjects should be confined and restricted to the domains given hereof:
      • IOT for smart cities
      • Changing Currents which mean new inventions in the field of Engineering and their impact.
    • The abstract should not be of more than 400 words.
    • The winners will be decided on the basis of uniqueness, innovativeness and creativeness of ideas, proper presentation, overall effect, practical possibility of model etc.
  • Round 2 (Presentation Round 1):
    • Texephyr will send you email once you clear round 1 of abstract proposal.
    • You have to register and pay for second round, which will be held in MIT campus.
    • You have to present a PPT demonstrating your concept in detail.
    • We DON’T expect from you to present the working model as this is related to idea only.
    • The time limit for presentation is 7 to 20 minutes max .
    • Remember this is elimination round, you will be judged, cross questioned by expertise and faculties from the domain.
    • The winners will be decided on the basis of proper presentation of ideas, overall effect, practical possibility of model, connection with the theme.
  • Round 3 (Winners selection) :
    • Texephyr will contact you once you clear round 2.
    • You will be cross questioned and judged by a market expertise, faculty and a panel.
    • Winners will be selected from this round.
    • The winners will be decided on the basis of implementation, plans, future scope of ideas, your answers to the expertise.


  • This event is open for all engineering students.
  • The decision of the judges would be final and binding.
  • Participants should only be from recognized educational institutes/universities.
  • Projector facility will be provided for round 2 by us.
  • Participants have to bring their College ID cards during reporting.
  • Time slots will be given and participants are expected to follow it strictly.
  • Participants are expected to give their correct contact details, so as to inform them about the results.
  • Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the TEXEPHYR’19 website regularly for updates.


Any student with valid ID card of their educational institute can participate.