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Max. No. Of Participants: 2

Registration fee: Rs.150 (For single entry) Rs.200 (team of two)

No. of rounds:3


    Round 1- MCQ Round (30 min)

    • Contestants will have to answer set of questions.
    • Questions will be of multiple choice and the contestant has to choose the appropriate one.
    • MCQ's will be based on MySQL storage model and basic SQL queries.

    Round 2- Query War (30 min) :

    • This round will test the skills of the contestants to fire queries.
    • An ER-diagram will be given to the contestants from which they have to develop a database and fire the queries accordingly.

    Round 3- Schema Development (60 min) :

    • This round will include the development of schema based on given queries.
    • The contestants will have to decide the tables and attributes based on queries provided to them.
    • At last they have to decide the relationships between the schemas and also have to draw an ER-diagram based on the devised relationships.