Max. No. Of Participants: 3

Registration fee: Rs.150 (Team of Three)

No. of rounds:3


It will be similar to the mainframe treasure hunt; the only difference is that it will be consisting of hints and clues in the form of computer code snippets. Participants are expected to give their correct contact details, so as to inform them about the results.

  • Students can participate in the team of three.
  • A computer will be given to each team.
  • The codes will be in three languages C, C++ and Java
  • They will be given a hint about in which particular directory of computer the code snippets are stored.The directory will contain the code snippets.
  • There will be total three code snippets which will be stored in .txt files and which might include bugs and errors.
  • Solving these codes will give you the hint of a particular location in the college campus.
  • On reaching that location they will be getting the missing part of the next code snippet or a hint about that missing part.
  • The missing part might be in the digital or handwritten format.
  • The first one to crack all the three levels will be the winner.
In case of any violation of the rules or any use of unfair means teams will be disqualified from the event..